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Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

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Dear Valued Customer:

        At Pepe Pump we are committed to offering you the best in customer service. Delivering friendly, quality and punctual service is our goal with every customer contact. Please tell us about the quality of service you received recently by completing this brief questionnaire.

    Your opinion is very important to us because it helps us evaluate our performance and recognize employees that provide you with good service. Thank you for taking time to provide us with your feedback. We appreciate your business and the trust you have placed in our company.

To answer a question, pick the   MOST APPROPRIATE RESPONSE in the drop down field.


1. How satisfied were you with cleanliness and neatness of the job site.

Choose one:

2. How satisfied were you with the courtesy and friendliness of the Pepe Pump LLC employees on this occasion?

Choose one:

3. How confident were you with the pump service technicians abilities that were sent to handle your job?

Choose one:

4. How satisfied were you with the Pepe PumpLLC employee’s ability to answer your questions?

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5. Was there anything any employee did that particularly pleased you? If yes, what is it?


6. How satisfied were you with the operator/ dispatcher who handled your call to Pepe Pump LLC  ?

Choose one:

7. If you contacted us by telephone how satisfied were you with how quickly Pepe Pump LLC responded to your call?

Choose one:

8. If we could change one thing to serve you better, what would that be?

9.Overall, how satisfied are you with the quality of service you received from Pepe Pump LLC?

Choose one:

10.. Based on the service received on this occasion, how likely is it that you will continue to use Pepe Pump LLC or your well pump service need’s?

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Please provide the following contact information:


  Follow Up Call is Desired 


Note: All information will held by Pepe LLC Electric in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared
  with any other parties

Thank you for your participation we greatly appreciate your time in completing this questioner

Joseph Pepe Jr.

Pepe Pump LLC